Review by Michelle Hopson

Cori Gonzalez-Macuer took to the stage this evening after a three-year hiatus, the intimate theatre packed out and the true fans waiting in anticipation of the long-awaited return to the NZ International Comedy Festival.

After a turbulent few years in his personal life and the birth of his daughter Freddie, now three, Cori gives accounts of how life has changed and staying true to his comedic style, Cori delivers each story deadpan, with the audience hanging on for the, wait for it, wait for it……cracking punchlines, enter laughter, UP we go.

Then mid-show something unexpected happened, Cori got serious, very serious in fact, and mixed the show DOWN with a talk on Mental Health. This brave soul opened his heart and poured out a traumatic life event, the death of his father and shared his journey through his own struggles dealing with depression and anxiety.

Where to from here in a Comedy show? Well, Up of course and by giving us permission to laugh again Cori gently nudging us back up with some new material! So we settled back into comedy mode and took in the last bit of the show.

Comedians have a somewhat noble role in society drawing public attention to various topics that most people try hard to conceal or deny. Cori opening up about Mental Health, giving it a new platform was refreshing and timely considering there needs to be more focus on the topic, so I give the show a big thumbs UP.



Who: Cori Gonzalez-Macuer

When: 7-11 May

Where: Q Theatre, Vault

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