I greeted Elevation with great anticipation, having seen Uther Dean on the circuit I was already a fan of his work, but had never seen a whole hour. His material is usually high in creativity, so it’s only logical that with more room to flourish, there were seeds of something special here.

Dean’s comedy is very clever in nature, exploring philosophical concepts delivered almost as if it were poetry, juxtaposed with references to pop culture, examining cinematic masterpieces like Fast and The Furious, and Tomb Raider. A self confessed cinephile, Dean swiftly deconstructed these films, with a glint in his eye, a sure sign he was having as much fun as the audience was.

Deconstructing Pop culture was a major part of the show, discussing music in addition, in particular U2, examining the song Elevation, applying his new theory that nothing connects us, except for the song Elevation by U2, even briefly putting this theory to the test, with a neat bit of audience interaction that was a joy to behold.

During this Dean takes us on a journey, relaying events of the last year, and deeper into his history, he conveys his misadventures in anecdotes, combined with witty quips, and amusing observations. All leading back to the nature of the human condition, and his own nature as a performer. In this Elevation is both relatable yet deeply personal.

Elevation is a fantastically constructed show, It contains a compelling narrative, and entertaining insights into day to day life and the nature of reality. Recommended for fans of clever comedy that tells a story. Pop culture junkies will also get a kick out of this show.


What: Elevation

Who: Uther Dean


When: 7 – 11 May

Where: Vault at Q Theatre


When: 22 – 25 May

Where: Te Auaha – Tapere Iti

Weather Haiku

Yesterday was mild

Almost too warm for a coat

The clouds just passed by

(I’m sure Uther will tell me if this is an actual haiku)

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