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Back in the dank cellar basement where I first reviewed two twenty-year-old amateur comedians swooning over wine last year, I tried to prep myself for yet another round of breakthrough comedians as I watched homegrown, Dunedin born, Sam Smith.

“Not to be mistaken for the less famous one,” he announces. We come to realise he has 1,117 followers on Twitter. Not doing too bad for a celebrity in New Zealand. He’s exciting, musical, extremely talented at eating marshmallows, looks like Jesus (minus the drinking) and playing the guitar. The Cellar is a full house.

I was curious with what his “Live in concert” meant.  There was confidence in his singing, his instrumental playing, but not in his drinking. When nervous, Sam scratches his nose and eats lots of marshmallows. A habit we come to know of as the show progresses.

Inbetween the music, Sam talks about topics like his failing attempts to be the cool dude at his three-year-old son’s birthday party, a hilarious run-down on the few things that you can do in Dunedin if you don’t drink (a highlight, and the little ironies in life such as trying to pay for a drink with your library card or looking for car keys when you don’t have a car. 

Closer to the end, Sam starts to pick up his guitar to sing again. He sings a couple of songs that make you think he’s either an insensitive racist or the factual observational colleague you have in every office. Just like how he likened himself to Jesus making wine but him only being able to make urine.

Overall the show started out interesting with music and singing with sporadic bits and pieces which will entertain you throughout the show. I would recommend it while semi-tipsy just like what Jesus would do. 


What: Sam Smith: Live In Concert

Who: Sam Smith

When: 7-11 May

Where: Q Theatre, Cellar

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