Stephanie Jane Reader (with Johan Chang)

A few days ago I received without question the best text of my life.

“Wanna come to a Comedy Show with me and write a review of it?”

This text concisely summed up my favourite things in 14 words.

  • Spending time with people I care about
  • Comedy
  • Leaving my house
  • Free stuff
  • And telling people my feelings about things

So, here goes.

Waiting outside for my date I was gifted with mayonnaise – like an absurd amount of mayonnaise – I was completely giddy heading in. My head full of mayonnaise related ideas.

Sitting down in the teeniest seats imaginable, the lights dimmed and my date and I started on our comedic adventure. MC Tom Houghton started the show in a big way, full banter with the audience coming thick and fast.

Our first act was Eleanor Tiernan, who was Ok. I left feeling that this was very rehearsed, it was funny, but just slightly off the mark with a few things. (Johan: there were most likely some nerves playing up, and possibly a heckler that just absolutely threw her off a teeny bit towards the end of her set)

A delightful interlude with Tom, who’s physicality impressed me greatly.

Chris Henry came on second in the line-up. This was my clear highlight and boy can this man dance. I left on such a high, not all of it benzo related. Go see this man!

After the break, having double parked with another Pinot Gris and a G&T (J: it was so bloody weak I had to get 3 of ’em), it was clearly time for the seasoned pros!

First we were treated to the adorable Brennan Reece. I wanted to take him home in my pocket, he was so cute. If he looks like an 11-year-old lesbian well, I guess I’m into 11-year-old lesbians now. (J: it was clearly fresh material just gathered from a week in Auckland. Very spontaneous, great crowd-work, lots of belly-aching laughs)

Finally, we had Alistair Barrie, who acts as if he doesn’t seem to want to be there. A style of comedy that just works so well. He’s a posh wanker with an very good deadpan that had me in stitches. (J: Absolutely cracking, I’m definitely going to his solo show!)

8 large squeezy mayonnaise bottles being rubbed over my body out of 10!


What:  The Big Show

Who: MC Tom Houghton, Eleanor Tiernan, Chris Henry, Brennan Reece, Alistair Barrie

Where: Rangatira @ Q Theatre

When: 8th May – 18th May

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