I made my way to the Q Theatre Loft late on Tuesday night, to witness Frickin Dangerous Bro, a sketch group that always serve one of my highlights for the festival; a group that always manages to find the funny side of popular culture, day to day life, and social issues.

The show began with a short mockumentry about their lives since the last comedy festival, setting up the essential concept of the show, what the group want their legacy to be, both together and individually.

Frickin Dangerous Bro is made up of Pax Assadi, Jamaine Ross and James Roque, all fantastic comedians in their own right, and right off the bat you can sense how great their chemistry is, effortlessly bantering between themselves and the audience, and riffing off the back of what’s been said.

This certainly gave Legacy a unique feel, as while the sketches were tightly written, in between was something magical, and something that could not be recreated night to night.

The sketches were standard fare for the art of sketch, parodies of TV shows, odd situations in day to day life, and creative scenes from the imagination. Among these scenes were Frickin Dangerous Bro’s signature commentary on life, popular culture and politics. (Even scoring some “right on” points with the crowd)

Sketch comedy is a rare beast in New Zealand, scarcely seen on TV, and even rarer on stage. Frickin Dangerous Bro is definitely for the lovers of sketch comedy, who can scarcely find some homegrown content. Also for fans of comedy in general, Legacy is just a laugh, pure and simple. It’s why I keep coming back every year.


What: Legacy

Who: Frickin Dangerous Bro

When: 14 – 18 May

Where: Loft at Q Theatre

Weather… Thing…

Umm…. Cold…. Jacket cold…

This joke isn’t funny anymore…

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