It was a cold Tuesday night when I made my way to the Basement, to see Myth and Legend,the latest hour of comedy from the Fred nominated Eli Matthewson, a show that was in my opinion an absolute masterpiece.

I am biased of course, being a self confessed nerd of history and classics, I absolutely lapped up his references to the Greek gods and their sexual adventures, and watched with fascination as he discussed aspects of ancient Greek concept, which he then applied it to modern life.

This is not to say that this show was by any means dry, every line he spoke was perfectly punchy, delivered in his own high energy style. All the while you could tell how passionate he was about the subject matter, an earnestness that certainly scored points with the audience.

Throughout he discussed his own life, through anecdote he discussed his own religious upbringing and sexuality. In addition he presented some fantastic observations about British TV, social media, and life as a millennial.

Ultimately the show is about examination of the past, Eli uses his exploration of Ancient Greek myths and culture to explore his own life and decisions that brought him to where he is today.

This show is an absolute masterpiece, equal parts fascinating and hilarious, and wonderfully introspective. All delivered with Matthewson’s trademark charisma and wit. Recommended for fans of the arts, Greek Mythology, or even a millennial making their way in the world.


What: Myth and Legend

Who: Eli Matthewson


When: 14 – 18 May

Where: The Basement Theatre


When: 21 – 25 May

Where: Te Auaha – Tapere Iti

Mythological Weather Report

No thunder again last night, I wonder what Zeus was having sex with.

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