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I really liked the concept of this show, actually just a guy and his mum sharing a bottle of bubbly. After the build-up of the Lynette reveal and realising hey, this is actually a show with a cute mum and an awkward son, I was definitely interested to see where it went. And the show certainly had a lot of potential.

Hamish was confident and likeable in his ‘mama’s boy’ routine, uttering frustrations we’ve all been guilty of when faced with the struggles of not blowing up at well-meaning motherly bumbles. And Lynette leaned right into the oblivious and hilarious sweet mama bear role, with the added pizazz of swear words, sexual dialogue, and a fun sparkly evening top. And the two were definitely at their best in seemingly unscripted giggles and casual conversation, working their way through a bottle of wine and their turbulent family history.

Alas, of course, here I must interject with my ‘howevers’. While the two worked really well together in the general dialogue, and there were plenty of laughs in the recognisable parent/child ups and downs, I found the obviously planned out gags and ‘bits’ overall contrived and a bit lack-lustre. There were times where it felt as though particular sequences had been too well rehearsed but not well thought out and lacking in real comedic value.

And while I loved the concept of the show centring around everyday mum and son struggles, one can of course question just how genuine such struggles could be when presented as unfolding in such a setting. At times it felt as though Lynette was like that 5-year-old child who is hilarious in their unknowing, organic behaviour, but losing in charm once the child realises the humour and begins to play up to it (omg I feel so mean writing this about someone’s mum, I’m sorry Lynette, you were great on the whole really).

But hey, after each lull, there would be another truly funny and relatable moment, such as Lynette’s roll call of failed and cringey romantic suiters – we’ve all been there girl. Overall a fun evening and an original show, one to take your mum to.


What: Me ‘n’ Ma

Who: Hamish and Lynette Parkinson

When: 14-18 May, 7.15pm

Where: Basement Theatre – Studio

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