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Softly-spoken Irish comedian Eleanor Tiernan comes to NZ for the first time with her new show Success Without a Sex Tape which she has been touring to sold-out audiences and great reviews around the comedy Festival circuit.

The aptly-titled show sees Tiernan weight up the pros and cons of her decision to not make a sex tape to further her career (fortunately not exactly a dilemma most of us in the audience will ever face to face).

From her observation, most people will try to convince you to make one the more you insist you’ll never consider it. But she’s no Kim Kardashian alright but there’s no harm in looking at additional careers. Who knows, you could get more famous?

Tiernan’s strong opening and fantastic stage presence hooked us from the start and measured and detailed dissection of sex tapes (as they would relate to her, and more broadly) was warmly received by those of us who made our way down to the Vault at Q Theatre.

Through the hour set, e were also treated to musing on the stigmas of being 40 and single, the impact that growing up in sexually repressed Ireland has on women and being abused by a bouquet of flowers at a wedding. My highlights were her hilarious story of dealing with a rat infestation in her apartment and seeking solace in a cat cafe.

Got to give it to her, Eleanor manages to deliver her unfortunate circumstances in the most hilarious but depressive at the same time sort of way. It wasn’t the sort of set where you’re howling with laughter every 30 seconds, and a few of the stories were met with scattered laughs or awkward silence. Makes you wonder if a few of the bits hit a little too close to home for some of the older audience members in attendance?

Overall, this show seems to appease the older crowd especially those single 40-year-old ladies out there, you know where your future lies. Sex tape or not. 


What: Success Without a Sex Tape

Who: Eleanor Tiernan

When: 14-18 May

Where: Vault at Q Theatre

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