Thanks to Sophie for taking the time to answer Heather McMillan’s questions, and we wish her all the best with future touring and the album!

Q: Hi Sophie, Congratulations on your debut album! What’s the release of it been like and the response been as a whole?
A: Thank you! It’s been really positive! It feels like such a weight off my shoulders to have it all out there and the response has been incredible. A lot of people are really enjoying the album, I couldn’t be happier.

Q: What’s your favourite song on the album to perform live thus far?
A: With a band I love playing ‘Not This Time’ but if I’m by myself I love playing ‘Things I Don’t Mean’

Q: The music video for Let You Down is so picturesque with the dark and light colourings juxtaposed. How did the concept of the video come about?  
A: Thank you! I was so incredibly happy with how the video turned out. I was working with my incredibly talented friend Yonoko, who directs music videos and we felt the song needed something mythical and enchanting. We had lunch together in a cute café on K’Road to discuss it and then sent each other lots of pinterest boards! She’s the real brains behind the video though. There is another video coming soon too… just saying.

Q: Your music covers a lot of genre including Indie, Pop, Folk and Singer/Songwriter. What inspires you to create music with these genres of sound?
A: I can’t pick one! I love a lot of different genres, and have had a really wide range of influences, to the point where I couldn’t pick a definitive genre to try and conform to even if I wanted to. I am really inspired by acoustic instruments though and on the album almost everything is organic. I just think there’s something so pleasing about the sounds of organic instruments. Maybe because there’s a human behind the instrument you can feel their energy through the music. 

Q: How has it made you feel being recognised by platforms such as YouTube as an Artist to Watch in 2019?
A: It’s pretty weird, honestly. I feel really lucky. I’m one of the only self-managed/independent artists on that list, and for my music to be getting that kind of recognition is pretty incredible, especially at this stage of my career. 

Q: At only 19 years old you’re already making a splash on the local music scene with your new album and tour. What motivates you the most to keep achieving so much at such a young age?
A: I once heard this quote that hell is when at the end of your life the person you are meets the person that you could have become. And while that’s super philosophical and stuff, it’s something I think about a bit. I don’t want to wait around to be discovered, because that really comes down to luck. I have to make my own luck, and so I just keep doing it. Plus I’m not that good at much else, like I’d be an awful doctor. 

Q: You’re currently on the road touring your debut album how has that been going? 
A: Really well! I’ve had some pretty big crowd turnouts and it seems like word is starting to get around a bit! I love touring, because I’m passionate about music but also adore travelling, so getting to combine those two loves is a dream. 

Q: What advice do you have for singer/songwriters alike to yourself who are wanting to release music and tour?
A: Oh, gosh haha! I don’t think I’m really in a position to be giving advice- I haven’t made it yet! (Shh) But from my experience, I would say that if you think you would benefit from doing something, then it’s worth doing it. Assign yourself half an hour a day to plan a tour, and follow through with it. Say yes if people ask you to join their gig, even if it feels easier to say no. It took me until I was like, 17 to realise that nobody was going to randomly discover me on sound cloud, and I really wish I had realised that sooner so I could have given myself a better head start. 

Q: As it’s New Zealand Music Month we were wondering who your favourite local musicians are? 
A: I really like Chelsea Jade, Marlon Williams, Julia Deans, Foley and Aldous Harding

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions and we wish you all the best with future touring and the album. 

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