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After reading some raving reviews of Alistair Barrie’s shows from last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, we arrived at The Classic with high expectations. This was our first time in The Classic Studio and the venue itself is intimate and full of character.

Alistair’s show is titled “The Internaton-AL” with the theme of bringing the world closer together through comedy in a time of cultural division. At one point, Alistair summarised this perfectly with “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry” in reference to the political situations in the US and UK. This sentiment carried cleanly throughout the next 55 minutes with Alistair broaching several topics that top the list of subjects to avoid on a first date. 

Alistair mentioned early on that he has been a professional comic for more than 20 years. This was instantly evident as he skilfully weaved interactive segments throughout the show which gave the impression of improvisation while the jokes themselves were expertly crafted.

I really appreciated that although Alistair is well known in the UK, the jokes were tailored to New Zealand and were topical which made the whole experience much more relatable. 

I couldn’t finish this review without mentioning the hopeful tone of the show. There were a lot of subjects that would usually put a damper on comedy, but the audience was in stitches right the way through. I’m not usually a laugh out loud kind of person but I left with sore cheeks and a bit more optimism than what I arrived with. If you’re looking for the kind of show that keeps you on your toes, is hilariously topical and leaves you with a more positive outlook on a dismal political climate, The Internation-AL is for you.


What: The Internaton-AL

Who: Alistair Barrie

When: 14-18 May

Where: The Classic Studio

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