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Someone in Mournmoor has been murdered. Did someone say “death”? “Murder?” That’s right, a murder! A good place to start any good comedy show, right? You wouldn’t think so, but The Mournmoor Murders, created and performed by Alice May Connolly and Maria Williams will prove otherwise.

The show is set in the small-town of Mournmoor (fictional town, outside of Timaru, I googled it, just to be sure) where a murder has taken place, and two detectives are sent to the scene to uncover who-dunnit.

From start to finish, the show is performed by only two actors who hilariously and seamlessly slip from one character to the next to form an entire cast of diverse characters. With the accompaniment of a well-crafted script, simple lighting changes, subtle, yet effective sound effects, comedic renditions of classic songs we all know and love, and a smattering of laughable dance numbers, these actors transform from one scene to the next, and one character to the next. As an audience member, you never once get lost, which you might expect when at the flick of a switch, or a flutter of sound, you have characters transitioning from woman to man, from child to mayor, from a murderer to a cow.

Williams and Connolly have masterfully pulled together a complete and undoubtedly funny show. There’s something really enjoyable about watching two performers sink completely into their characters. The comedy is spot on. There are plenty of jokes to honour the small town kiwi. The kind of comedy we pride ourselves on in this country. Not to mention a light peppering of feminist-food-for-thought, but fear not you feminist-fearing-folk, it’s so subtle you might not even pick up on it (and if that’s the case, then I am worried about you).

The Mournmoor Murders, is a must-see this NZ International Comedy Festival, 2019. You will be laughing at this murder mystery the whole way through. If this show was a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, every piece you’d be laughing. The show has something for everyone, bring your aunt, your dad, the mayor, or even your pet cow. Honestly, you won’t regret it. This show is proof that New Zealand’s got talent.


What: The Mournmoor Murders

Who: Alice May Connolly & Maria Williams

When: 14-18 May

Where: Basement Studio

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