I sat in a packed out Rangatira at Q on Thursday night to witness I Was Part of the Problem Before We Were Talking about It, the latest hour from Guy Montgomery, who has well and truly established himself as a talented and popular name in New Zealand comedy.

The crowd sat in anticipation as we were treated to some bassy reggae music, creating a pumped atmosphere, easing us into a high energy hour of stand up comedy.

Guy Montgomery came out, riffing on his own entrance, introducing and air of meta commentary, as he commented on the audience and his own performance throughout the show, showing his chops as a improviser, performer and talented comedy writer.

The show itself was about structures in society that are oppressive, and own complicity in those structured. To this end Montgomery discusses his own former complicity, after he started to “check his own privilege.”

The performance was very vulnerable, as Montgomery spoke of his own actions that he now considers part of the problem. As well as analysing how some behaviors begin in the schoolyard and develop over adolescence into adulthood.

Through this he deconstructed society as a whole, relating this to events in the media, in addition to his own life.

I Was Part of the Problem Before We Were Talking About It is a very socially conscious show, serving as excellent social commentary, as well as being totally hilarious, as Montgomery uses humour to examine important issues in society. Recommended for fans of comedy that’s clever, confessional and informative.


What: I Was Part Of The Problem Before We Were Talking About It

Who: Guy Montgomery

When: 17 – 18 May

Where: Rangatira at Q Theatre

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