I sat in the Rangitira at Q on Tuesday night, eagerly awaiting Ed Byrne’s latest hour of stand up comedy, Spoiler Alert, an anticipation that was shared by a packed out house of buzzing audience members.

Ed Byrne is name that has become almost synonymous with the Comedy Festival, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t see his name on the NZICF brochure. I am certainly familiar with his work, having watched his 2006 DVD Pedantic and Whimsical as a teenager, and seeing him live upon reaching young adulthood. On one of these occasions I saw him by the lifts at Skycity theatre, and awkwardly pointed at him (an act that to this day is a matter of great shame).

Byrne came out, playing perfectly to an Auckland room, a NZICF regular, he knows his audience, referencing New Zealand media, and the festival itself.

His material was a mix of anecdotes, observations and one liners. Byrne has an absolute knack for misdirection, pulling you in, before revealing a killer punchline. He is also renowned for taking an idea and using logic to explore and deconstruct.

He relayed his own experiences, discussing aspects of his professional and domestic life, delving into the generational divide, and what it’s like bringing up the latest generation of ‘posh boys’.

Ed Byrne is a known quantity in this country, he continues to bring high calibre comedy to a country that adores him. A definite highlight of the festival.


What:Spoiler Alert

Who: Ed Byrme

Q Theatre

When: 21 – 22, 24 – 25 May

Where: Rangatira at Q Theatre

Bruce Mason Centre

When: 23 May

Where: Bruce Mason Centre

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