On Wednesday night, I once again found myself at The Classic Studio, to witness the latest hour of Alan McElroy, fresh from the melbourne festival, with Alan McElroy Is S#it @ Twitter, a man’s attempt to make it in the world of social media.

We were greeted to old school pop classics, like Red Red Wine by UB40 and I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sister, a sure fire way to raise the energy in a mid-week, late night audience. McElroy is already a master at dealing with late night crowds, so this created little obstacle regardless. McElroy is well known for his ability to work a room, aided by with frantically high energy style and skill in finding the characters within the audience, and using them effectively.

The bulk of the show was an examination of his own efforts to gain popularity on twitter. Presenting his attempts to jump on trends like Brexit and Game Of Thrones. With the use of powerpoint and a projector, he displayed tweets and memes he had created, reflecting on their level of success. Providing opportunities for physical gags, adding an extra dimension to his comedy.

This was combined with anecdotes and observations from his life. He reccounted stories about his mental family, misadventures while travelling abroad, and his difficulty navigating the modern dating scene. Segmented by songs, animations and videos, providing a diverse package of entertainment.

Alan McElroy Is S#it @ Twitter, is a very enjoyable hour of comedy, which is fantastically relatable. There is never a dull moment, as McElroy’s is able to find the funny side of any situation, and comment on it in 280 characters or less. If you’re lucky he might give you some skittles. Alan McElroy Is S#it @ Twitter is recommended for fans of late night comedy that is a good mix of stand up, multimedia, and musical segments.


What: Alan McElroy Is S#it @ Twitter

Who: Alan McElroy

When: 22 – 25 May

Where: The Classic Studio

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