Last Night I made my way to The Classic Studio, to see Tom Deacon, in Rapture, his NZICF debut. The venue was buzzing, Deacon has been smashing line up shows leading up to his show, and found a room full of people excited to see him perform an hour of comedy.

I noticed that he greeted people as they entered the venue, an excellent way to add to his likeability, creating an audience primed to be captivated by the twists and turns of his life experiences. He began by effortlessly chatting with the audience, and sharing observations from his time in New Zealand, easing us into his own world by sharing ours.

I was initially impressed with his vulnerability, here is a comic who performs with his heart on his sleeve, a trait that perfectly contrasted with a major theme of the show, which is how men deal with their emotions, and deal with emotional baggage.

The show is a positive one, about how one might find love, and what love entails, in addition to his efforts to sort out his own life, and how he tries to assert himself in the universe.

This was all communicated through engrossing stories of past relationships, and entertaining observations about day to day life. All performed with the charm and wit you would expect for a comedian as highly regarded.

Tom Deacon’s Rapture is an outstanding debut in the NZICF, a fantastic example of comedy with emotional weight, with an engaging narrative. Rapture is certainly a must see this festival.


What: Rapture

Who: Tom Deacon

When: 21 – 25 May

Where: The Classic Studio

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