David Correos mentioned the phrase “a wild ride” partway through his set Better Than I Was The Last Time and perhaps nothing could be more apt a descriptor for his show. I realised partway through the show as we suddenly end up in the first service of Correos’ new church that this show and its comedy is downright bonkers.

Correos initially starts by covering a few of the areas and jokes of his previous shows. As someone who’d never been to a Correos show before, it was hard to tell whether he was being serious about “getting his dick out” and shoving a bicycle pump where the sun doesn’t shine. I was assured afterwards that these are all things that have happened in previous shows by this Billy T award winner.

His style is something I can only describe as violently gleeful. Moments that get me are when Correos loses it laughing at his own jokes. He bombastically bounces around the stage, moving from loud highs to gentle whispers to uncomfortably screeching. His jokes definitely push the envelope on dark humour and he has to playfully yell at the audience to loosen up a few times. In Better Than I Was The Last Time Correos talks about how he feels like he has found his voice and what he wants to talk about as a comedian. The show revolves around him and his life, with particular focus on his Filipino background and growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness.

I feel like Better Than I Was Before was meant to be a tamer slightly less insane version of previous shows – literally better than it was before. However, on the night I went, this was unfortunately marred by him completely unintentionally throwing a can of cream corn all over the audience. Although some were initially confused as to whether this was a bit, there was a sudden shift in Correos from his comedian persona to immediate and overwhelming shock and contrition. For the rest of the audience who weren’t splattered, the schadenfreude was real. Although unintentional and definitely unpleasant, it was absolutely hysterical and the entire audience was laughing. After this incident it was almost impossible to close the show funnily (more funnily), as Correos stood there mouth agape – like a fish gasping for air – and apologised profusely. It was hard not to feel sympathetic as Correos hurried off stage shaking his head. At least this has probably given him new material.

This show is like nothing else you might see at the festival – even though it is essentially the most simple of comedic premises – a dude with a mic talking about his life. It was unclear as to whether there was an overall theme, as our ending was – understandably – abrupt. Yet even though the show seemed aimless at times, this somehow feels like part of the Correos brand. A bizarre, teetering on and off the edge, manic joy ride. Correos’ comedy is terrifyingly funny, with the uncomfortable yet irresistible draw of a car crash.


What: Better Than I Was The Last Time

Who: David Correos

When: 10PM, 22-25 May

Where: Q Theatre, Vault

Review by Grace Hood-Edwards

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