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Never afraid of wearing their hearts on their sleeves, ‘The Same‘ sees Horrorshow delivering their trademark vulnerability but with a newfound cinematic tone so visceral you can feel the lump in your throat. Working closely alongside master producer Jia Lih, we see the duo explore new territory delving into a darker self-reflective space with this release.

There is an undeniable pain in this song, the torment of a love affair shifting with no one to blame but the unraveling of time.

Solo draws on personal anecdotes with IRL punch – “Now you’re seeing a different side to me, demons that I had inside of me. So would you still side with me? Are you down to ride with me?”, descending deeper into desperation with each line.

Soaring on the hook is vocalist I.E, an enigmatic triple threat with irrefutable mystery and swag. Solo reflects on working with I.E. and Jia Lih, and how the song was born from a chance meeting at a songwriting camp in Melbourne: “This song is special to me because it was made the day we met. When you’re trying to make music with people you’ve just met it can be hard to open up and find a common groove, but something about the unique combination of the three of us truck a chord.”

“Even though we were all drawing on very different life experience we were able to tap into an emotional commonality that I think everyone can relate to of change within relationships and the pain that can come with that.”

Drawing inspiration from a Blade Runner-esque mood board, director Joseph Plumb of South of Home Creative achieves technicolour melancholy with crunchy and detailed soundscapes; capturing the agony of conflicting emotions against the backdrops of a cluttered cityscape.

“Given ‘The Same‘ has some complex themes and emotions in it, Adit continues, we wanted to keep this video simple so the audience could feel the heartache in the lyrics in a raw and direct way. Channeling the futuristic tone of the music, we found some awesome locations and got Solo and I.E. performing to camera with an intensity to match the impact of the tune.”

Following the widly successful ‘Rescue’ released earlier the year, which saw Horrorshow take a sidestep to explore new sonic landscape, it’s clear that 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting journey for a Horrorshow and their fans. With a new album in the works, ‘The Same‘ offers another taste of new sound and a new direction.

‘The Same’ feat. I.E. is out everyone on May 23rd through Elefant Traks.

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