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On entrance to the Powerstation last Thursday there was a contrast of energy and smells reflective of Dope Lemon’s band name. A mix of young and old filled the venue most of which seem to have come to see the Angus Stone half of the Australian sibling duo Angus and Julia Stone. The entire front row was already full with vibrant fans before the openers had even begun securing the best spot for the show. From flowing pants, long hair and lots of denim, it was obvious that the crowd were up with the latest fashion trends that go hand-in-hand with the music.

First to take the stage was Golf Alpha Bravo; made up of super relaxed long haired front man Gabriel Winterfield and his two piece band. Their sound was full of mellow vocals, deep tones and the likes of a repetitive beat that made it hard to not fall into its rhythm. As their first song came to the end Winterfield noted that it was their first show outside of Australia and commented on their gratitude to Angus for the opportunity. Despite only playing a handful of songs the group won over the crowd, most likely with their easygoing nature and chilled out vibes seemingly similar to the crowd. The highlight of the set was easily Winterfield jamming out to an impressive and exciting guitar solo near the end of the set drawing excitement from the crowd. 

The crowd was loud and Dope Lemon hadn’t even set foot on stage. Not that they had to, as the giant soon to be lit up band name sign on stage was about to note the presence of the band members beginning their opening song. The Powerstation was packed to the edges not just with people but with soul and passion to the music. Both the audience and front man Angus Stone were putting their all into the performance. Between the spotlight on Stone to the magnetic energy the crowd was drawn in and left audibly ecstatic at the opportunity to hear the band live. Fashion wasn’t just left to the audience as every band member wore a differing hat a hint of personality that further lead to the crowds happiness of the night unfolding. It was a spaced out aura almost as the surroundings grew to be misty after a few songs. Not sure whether the music was hypnotic or the crowd was just in awe but the band had the audience mesmerised. The first words, between songs, from Stone were ‘Holy shit thanks for being here‘. A true testament to the energy and vibe of the evening as the audience responded with complete adoration. Highlight of the night was easily the presence of Angus Stone and the energy they created between the music and visual it was a sensual experience.

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