I ventured to the Classic Studio on a Friday night to see Unusual Subjects, a show featuring 3 of Auckland’s freshest up and coming talents, Jamie Patterson, Camilo Aristizabal , Lane Pilkington. These were all acts I’d seen all over the circuit (2 of which were Raw Quest Finalists in 2019), and I was curious to see how they would step up to a full hour, curiosity rewards, as Unusual Subjects proved to be an entertaining hour of comedy.

Unusual Subjects is a show of variety, the 3 contrasting in style and temperament as all good line ups should. The material being a mixture of observations and surrealist musings.

Aristizabal was the first to go up, his fresh faced youth instantly juxtaposed by his cynicism. I suppose this is not that unique considering the millennial experience, but regardless it is an interesting surprise. There was always a tinge of darkness and edge to the subject matter, however he managed to weave the line fantastically. This was all delivered with a refreshing coyness, adding a fun element to the darkness.

Pilkington…. Lane is an interesting act, he’s certainly a known quantity among the comedy community and certainly has an incredibly approach to comedy. He is certainly the most surreal of the 3, with a combination of physical gags with stories and observations from his unique perspective. The best thing about him is sometimes you will find yourself rolling around laughing, with absolutely no idea why. Lane is the first of the Raw Quest Finalists on the bill, he is a talented performer, talented writer, and has a fascinating persona.

Finally Patterson, the other Raw Quest Finalist on the bill. Patterson is a happy medium between the 2, with a mixture of observations and surreal comedy invention. He is an all over package, at one point creating an interesting image or circumstance, and next taking full advantage of saying the unsay-able, with a killer punchline that expertly works the line. This is all delivered with an air of unwavering authority, not allowing any element of doubt whatsoever in the room.

Unusual Subjects is the full package, equally observational and surreal. An hour lone snapshot of the future of New Zealand comedy. It was a joy to see three of NZ’s best up and coming comedians. Well worth catching on tour if they come to your town in the North Island.

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