February 4th – San Fran, Wellington
February 5th – Whammy Bar, Auckland


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Sebadoh are returning to Aotearoa/New Zealand for two shows only in February 2020!!

Lou Barlow, Jason Lowenstein and Bob D’Amico will return to New Zealand with their latest critically acclaimed album, Act Surprised – the nith Debadoh studio album.

“Sebadoh kicks off its fourth decade with rare cohesiveness, of vision, in a string of spiky, agressive three-minute rock songs that don’ let their jagged edges obscure the throbbing heart at their centre.” – NPR Music

At the live shows, Sebadoh fans can look forward to a mix of tracks across their career, from classic albums like Bakesale, Harmacy and U.S. No 1 Billboard New Alternative Artist Chart album Defend Yourself.

Sebadoh are now viewed as one of the most important indie bands from the 1990s to today, with several of their records viewed as seminal alongside the likes of Pavement, Guides by Voices, and Superchunk. Barlow is one of America’s most influential indie songwriters. As Thurston Moor from Sonic Youth so succinctly describes: “Lou Barlow essentially invented lo-fi.”

Formed in 1986 in Westfield, Massachusetts, Sebadoh put their own compelling stamp on lo-fi indie rock, highlighted in early releases like 1990s Weed Forestin’ and 1991’s Sebadoh III. Their connection with the likes of Dinosaur Jr and The Fold Implosion is well-documented, yet Sebadoh firmly commands their own place in the indie history books.

With a legacy that most bands would dream of achieving, there’ no denying that Sebadoh are undoubtedly indie-rock royalty. Needless to say, any self-respecting fan of the genre won’t want to miss these icons when they find themselves gearing up for their first New Zealand shows in almost six years.

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