On the 9th of January American pop-punk band All Time Low went completely dark on social media, even going as far as to delete their website. This sent whispers (or should we say screams) across the internet, as fans and music lovers alike were left wondering what was going on. Between All Time Low and My Chemical Romance dropping hints and messages left, right and centre emos across the global were relatively confused and unable to anticipate just exactly what was coming next.

And now, just a short hour ago All Time Low released their brand new single paired with a music video for the track ‘Some Kind Of Disaster.‘ With all members updating their social media accounts to a joyous shade of yellow. Signalling to all that it’s not just a new song, but a brand new era for the band. Frontman Alex Gaskarth said in an instagram story “we took a step away for a minute- did some growing, did some soul searching, some healing… “ which you can hear through the lyrics of the song along with the ‘inner’ demons shown in the music video. It is easy to say that the band is back and better than ever, and we will definitely be listening to ‘Some Kind Of Disaster’ until Spotify breaks.

Yes Gaskarth, we dig it.

All Time Low – Some Kind Of Disaster – Music Video

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