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As the countdown to My Chemical Romance at Western Springs continues (55 days left!), fans around the world are preparing for major news tomorrow.

The band have been drip feeding teasers across social media since the announcement of their return last year. Flickering images of the witches alphabet have been deciphered from fans – the post foretold of a (already sold out) UK show in June, and a post of the witches sigil wheel looks like a US tour is to be announced. Prior to the UK announcement, a video of cloaked figures performing a summoning ritual in a forest titled “An Offering…” was released.

This afternoon a silent video appeared across their social media, possibly a prequel to “An Offering…”, which depicts a cloaked figure performing a summoning with a Ouija board and pentagram in their bedroom. The caption reads “Please join us on YouTube and www.mychemicalromance.com at 8:35am PST / 11:35am EST #MCRXX”. Fans are now speculating whether this means new music is on the way, with some even suggesting that the use of “v” in place of “u” on their tour posters is indicating the return of the infamous #MCR5 album  which was abandoned during the band’s break up in 2012.


My Chemical Romance have a history for adding a bit of dramatic flair to their announcements. Prior to their return, they teased the re-release of The Black Parade for its 10th anniversary under the moniker #MCRX, which caused a wave of excitement and then earth-shattering disappointment when we discovered this in fact was not a band reunion. Perhaps the new hashtag is a nod to their previous mistake in teasers, or perhaps this is round two of My-Chemical-Romance-fans-are-too-excitable. Only time will tell.

See you at 5:35am NZT tomorrow.

My Chemical Romance play New Zealand in 2020


Wednesday, 25th March – The Outer Fields at Western Springs, Auckland


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