We are delighted to have had Matt Sallee from Pentatonix answer a few questions before the group lands in New Zealand for their show next Saturday at Spark Arena.


Q: You got your start covering songs on YouTube, but have since released your own original songs. How does the writing process work for an acapella band? 

We do sessions where we produce/write the music together and then we take that and turn them into Acappella arrangements.

Q: There has been a lot of talk about Youtube nostalgia at the moment. Asides from the massive success you’ve earned, have you noticed changes in the platform and across social media in general? 

Yes, I believe the group is receiving a great shift in a lot of different areas in the world! We just did a South American tour that the group has never done before and after this tour we are going to parts of Europe we’ve never reached, so all in all it’s been a beautiful expansion.

Q: We’re super excited to see you in 2020. Your last New Zealand show was on your 2016 World Tour, do you have any stand out memories from that trip? Is there anything you want to do in Auckland that you didn’t have the chance to do then?

This is my first time here and I’m very excited as I have dear friends that grew up there! But I’m hoping to get to see Waiheke Island.

Q: I’m sure each tour comes with its ups and downs, but what has been your favourite moment (so far) so this current tour? 

So far my favorite memories are from the warm welcomes I have felt in all of Japan from the fans. Their gifts and kind words really make me feel at home and a key part of the family. Also, Tokyo is one of my new favorite cities!

Q: Now that Matt has been in the group for a while now, can the fans expect anything different musically during the live shows? 

I am super excited to come here for the first time! And there is a moment in the show that is very special that involves a lot of participation but that’s all I can say!

Q: You have nine studio albums under your belts, how do you decide which songs to perform for your live shows?! Are there particular songs that you love to perform? What makes a song fun to play live?

I love the Pentatonix catalog so much, so it’s truly a joy and pleasure getting to pick the songs. But as for the process, we sit all together and we try to build the most versatile, breathtaking, and fan favorite show as possible. And it happens pretty easily/organically!

Once again we thank Matt for taking the time to talk to us, and we look forward to the show on next weekend! Tickets are still available, so make sure you get your tickets HERE!

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