Years in the making, San Holo’s recently released track Honest is a reflection of this need and want for deeper human interaction. Straddling the line between traditional EDM and indie pop, the collaboration between Sander van Dijck (aka San Holo) and Georgia Nott (of Broods fame) has an almost ethereal quality that provokes audiences to engage with San Holo’s philosophy.

Honest is a song I wrote a few years back about being honest in every aspect of your life. It delves into the idea of being as genuine as possible when you meet someone, even if nothing comes of it. I would rather be transparent from the start than create a false of who I am or what I expect.

As such, we had a quick chat with San Holo about the creation of this piece of music:

TS: What were your largest influences musically when creating “Honest?”

SH: I’d say Sigur Ros crossed with a bit of Diplo. I love how beautiful and melodic and atmospheric Sigur Ros are and I really tried to channel that. 

TS: Would you say the themes you’re trying to convey through “Honest” is a reaction to a specific event, a personal realization, or just as a response to the world around us? And what exactly was that trigger?

SH: It’s not so much about a specific event as it is just kind of a mindset that I try and live my life by, or at least a reminder to try and do that. I guess you could describe it as a response to the world around us.

TS: What led to collaboration with Georgia Nott – as in, the whole story of how this partnership came to be?

SH: I was in LA doing sessions around April 2017 and she was in one of the first sessions I did with Nate Campany and Kyle Shearer. I remember we were looking for a female vocalist to join us and it just so happened that she had landed in LA the day before or day of or something and it ended up working out perfectly!

TS: How was your experience working with Nott? Would you be open to collaborating with Broods again in the future?

SH: Working with Georgia was great! She has an incredible voice and she was super easy to work with. If it made sense for us both I’d be more than happy to collaborate again in the future.

TS: What’s your response been to the reception of “Honest”? 

SH: Just very thankful and positive. I was sitting on this song for so long but I’m glad I decided to finally put it out. The response has been really validating; I’m thankful to everybody who’s streamed it, shared it or left me a nice message about it!

TS: Any chance that we’ll see you down here in New Zealand any time soon?

SH: I’d love to come back soon. I played in Auckland at FOMO Festival last year which was fun but I’d love to come back and do my own show with my new band.

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