Wing Defence returns with brand new single ‘Relocate’ from forthcoming FRIENDS EP

Returning fresh off the back of their latest release ‘Weapons‘, Adelaide duo Wing Defence comes excited in brandishing new single, ‘Relocate‘.

It’s another step forward for the indie act who have been quick ot generate buzz around their punchy pop-punk melodies and distinctive sound, as they anticipate the unveiling of their debut EP, FRIENDS.

Relocate‘ is a confident release from Wing Defence, who is taking 2020 in all it’s shades – positive and negative – choosing to focus on positive energy to continue riding out these strange times.

Wing Defence – Relocate

Recorded at Adelaide’s Ghostnote Studios, ‘Relocate’ is simple enough in its delivery, though the lyrics and narrative indicate the songwriting has pulled from some personal depths in seeing the light. Both Skye Walter and Paige Court demonstrate the strengths of their creative partnership and with the release of ‘Relocate’, fans can see Wing Defence making music that is true to themselves.

“This song is about relocating your negative energy into positive things rather than letting the loneliness of that energy consume you and make you bitter. Wing Defence is fundamentally a band about shedding light on common struggles, on adult life and finding ways through Looking for positivity and lifting each other up – through our music we’ve bonded, grown-up and taught each other lessons.” Wing Defence

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