With Covid in New Zealand vanquished (fingers crossed) and Aucklanders heading out in droves to enjoy freedom from the restrictions of level 4,3 and 2, it is currently the best time to go out and support live comedians, with 100s of hungry comics looking to show off their freshest material.

In aid of this I have compiled a fairly comprehensive (although not complete, and there might well be a part 2) list of venues that host live stand up comedy, from the humble open mic to the places you can catch the best and brightest Pros.

Garnet Station

Wild Blue Yonder Comedy, is hosted weekly by New Zealand Comedy mainstay Brendhan Lovegrove, with a line up choked full of Auckland’s freshest talents. This is all performed in a wonderfully intimate venue, perfect for a chill night of comedy to close out your week. With a high profile MC and consistently good quality line ups, this is a show sure to sell out, so it’s safest to book early.

When: 19:30 Sunday, Weekly,
Where: 85 Garnet Road, Westmere

Wang’s Bar

A relatively new venue to the scene, traditionally a kareoke and gambling venue, but with all the fixtures and fitting for a comedy night. With line ups full of fresh faces, and a relaxed atmosphere, this gig is a great way to kick off a week, and maybe not feel as bad about the length of time before the next weekend.

When: 19:30 Monday, Monthly
Where: 250 Dominion Road, Mt Eden

Ding Dong Lounge

You wouldn’t expect Ding Dong Lounge, which is essentially a night club for Rock ‘n’ Roll, would be host to one of Auckland’s hottest open mics, but Dead Witch Comedy (Hosted by Gary Dooley) has been a long established comedy night, with a gradually growing, loyal following amongst Ding Dong regulars, and casual punters alike. Situated in the upstairs room, a room full of charm and personality, you can see countless comedians, a sure sign that while the night is still free, it still manages to be value for money, especially if you arrive in time for happy hour.

When: 20:00 Thursday, Weekly
Where: 26 Wyndam Street, Auckland CBD


Hidden in the backstreets of down town Auckland, is hidden Tabac, a bar renowned by it’s patrons for it’s rustic charms, which features one of Auckland’s hottest open mics. Tabac has a more sophisticated ambience, and features a more condensed line up, featuring new faces and established acts.

When: 20:00 Wednesday, Weekly
Where: 6 Mills Ln, Auckland CBD

Fhloston Paradise

For Ponsonby road, Fhloston Paradise is your friendly neighbourhood dive. On Thusday the upstairs room turns into a packed out comedy club, for Thursday Funnies. The Night is graced with a guest pro MC every week and features a mix of fresh talent and established acts. The bar itself has a trendy feel, but the drinks are affordable on the pocket, altogether a great way to spend the penultemate evening of the week.

When: 20:00 Thursday, Weekly
Where: 44 Ponsonby Road, Auckland CBD

Zack’s Bar

Located at the top of Parnell, Zack’s Bar is a New York-Style neighbourhood bar, home to a variety of cocktails, and on Saturday, it’s own open mic comedy night, surely a great mix for a great Saturday night out. Featuring fresh local talent and a different MC every week.

When: 20:00 Saturday, Weekly
Where: 421 Parnell Road, Auckland CBD

The Classic

Saving the best for last, The Classic, the home of New Zealand comedy, and Auckland’s only Comedy Club. What is there to say about this internationally renowned comedy venue which has hosted greats from accross the globe. The Classic features a great variety of comics on different parts of their journey, Raw Mondays for the newest faces to the comedy scene, Big Wednesday for the fresh talents and established act to provide their freshest material, and Pro shows on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, where you can see the best of established and up & coming acts.

When: 20:00 Monday (Raw), Wednsday (Big Wednesday), Thursday (Pro Night), Friday & Saturday (Comedy All-Stars)
Where: 321 Queen Street, Auckland CBD

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