Big thanks to Skye Walter, from Wing Defence, for chatting to us. The bands EP ‘Friends’ is out Friday, 3 July! So keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Q. Your latest single ‘Relocate’ is a banger by the way, loving it. Is there something about the track that made you release it as a single?
Relocate’ has been a track that we’ve always loved but never really saw it as ‘single worthy’… we totally underestimated how much people were going to dig it which is nice J It came at the perfect time though, it sends a really strong message!

Q. This month your 6 track EP ‘Friends’ is released into the wild. When enjoying the EP what’s the number one thing you hope listeners take away?
The EP is basically a summary of our lives over the past 2 -3 years and it covers a lot of common struggles that almost everyone goes through at some point in their life. Our lyrics are very raw and straight to the point (no beating around the bush) so I hope that people can relate to the lyrics and find some solace within the EP.

Q. What was the process of building the track list for the EP? Was it hard to narrow the narrative to six tracks?
Deciding on the order of the tracks was a hard one actually – where do you start? What place on the EP is the most important? What’s our favourite song? So many questions! Luckily we agreed on the order and the narrative was easy. Although, I did try to make a change to the order last week and my manager was like “that ship sailed long ago” ha ha.

Q. What is the general process of songwriting like for you?
I always start with a theme/ topic and then the lyrics and the music happen simultaneously. As I’m playing the guitar I sing the way I’m feeling, write it down and then play with it a little to make sure they fit with the melody. When Paige and I write together she normally gets out the guitar, and again we start with a theme and go from there. There’s always a lot of laughter and a few breaks to have a little D&M or silly dance or a smash on the ol’ drum kit! Ha ha.

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