The bright, intoxicating aura of new love emanates from ‘Every Day Is A Holiday,’ the humid, luxuriant first collaboration between DOPE LEMON, the beloved solo project of Angus Stone, and Sydney upstart Winston Surfshirt.

Every Day Is A Holiday – Dope Lemon

Dripping from the cosmos like treacle from a spoon, ‘Every Day Is A Holiday’ combines Stone’s profound connection to the open land with Winston’s zonked-out astral dreams. The sound of pure romance distilled, ‘Every Day Is A Holiday’ is like a fine wine, rare perfume — worth its weight in gold and impossible to keep away from.

A smooth, playful rap song that seems to sit outside time and space, ‘Every Day Is A Holiday’ sits outside the constraints of the normal world. Every day is a holiday, as it were. “Being a big fan of what Winston does, I felt the song lent itself to his style, so I hit him up,” Stone says of the collaboration. “It was a good vibe straight away — the cool fella he is swaggered in and dropped some very tasty gold coins on the tune.”

“’Every Day is a Holiday’ is a song Angus asked me to be a part of while Winston Surfshirt were touring Europe in early 2020,” Winston says. “I first heard the demo somewhere between Berlin and Brussels and loved the feel of it.” It’s hard to resist the feeling of ‘Every Day Is A Holiday’ — draping over the listener like a silk robe, it feels lived in but fresh.

“I wrote this song about that special human you have in your life that makes you feel the warmth of the sun every time you are together,” Stone says of his inspiration behind the song, his first original release since last year’s Smooth Big Cat. “Every day you get to spend with one another is more special than the last on this magic holiday you’re rolling around on.” With its starry-eyed refrain of “let’s go round and round,” you can hear that romance woven into the fibre of ‘Every Day Is A Holiday’ being; it’s a song born out of love and life. At a time like this, it’s a feeling we could all use a lot more of.

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