Emerging New Zealand pop artist Taylor Roche is back with a catchy pop ballad, ‘Never Like That’


‘Never Like That’ came about during a late-night session last year and was inspired by a long-distance relationship Taylor had recently fallen out of.

At the time the now Auckland based singer and songwriter were working on a cruise ship and one night in Mexico, he sat in his cabin with a keyboard, mic, notebook and his computer.

“The first idea that surfaced was the emphasis on the ‘you were never like that’ chorus, inspired by the change we have in response to a break-up. The song explores the concept of how some people can completely change their personality and surround themselves with people they once never associated with, as a form of escape from the pain they feel inside after falling out with someone they once/still loved,” explains Taylor.

With the lyrics giving a sense of rhythmic urgency and the repetition emphasising his frustrations and feelings, Taylor knew he’d created a demo worth pursuing and so banked it away until his return to New Zealand, where he then recorded it and co-produced it with Sam Jones at BigPop Studios in New Zealand. It was then mixed by Auckland-based engineer Jacob Rush.

‘Never Like That’ is Taylor’s third single, following on from ‘This Love Song’ and ‘OVER IT.’ He’s also no stranger to the stage, having performed all over the world and at events such as Coca Cola Christmas in The Park and Sparks in the Park.

After a year of studying his music degree at university, he left to pursue music full time. Now at 22, Taylor has spent the last year based in New Orleans, Miami and Mexico performing as the lead vocalist for a nine-piece pop party band for the largest Cruise Line corporation in the world.

While on his travels and in between late-night sets, he has written a catalogue of music, combining his rhythmic lyrics and melodies with deep, warm synths all while working via the internet with his Auckland-based producer.

Now back in New Zealand, Taylor is gearing up to release numerous projects, with ‘Never Like That’ being his latest vibe.

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