Auckland-based artist and producer MCK makes a bold return with the release of her empowering new single ‘Muse’, from her upcoming EP.


Muse’ seamlessly blends pop and R&B to create a sexy, slinky tune, which show cases MCK as ‘one to watch’ on New Zealand’s thriving music scene.

Co-written and co-produced by rising NZ artist and producer Josh Naley (AKA Wells*), ‘Muse’ is inspired by an admirer’s gaze and the thrill of the chase. “I hope it becomes the song that you put on when you’re getting ready for a date or going out; a song that makes you feel confident and empowered,” saysMCK, whose real name is Mckenzie Comer.

MCK had been collaborating with Josh for a few months before they wrote ‘Muse’. “We were in a good rhythm and had found a nice balance between my style and his. I brought it to him as a demo and it came together super quickly,” she explains.

MCK – Muse

‘Muse’ is the first single from MCK’s upcoming EP, which is due out this year and follows the release of 2018’s singles ‘Magnets’ and ‘Sensitive’. It also follows the release earlier this year of her self-produced EP, CONFESSIONS featuring the track ‘Lost Souls’.

No stranger to music, Mckenzie first started turning heads when she was just in her teens. She caught the attention of a Nashville music executive in2010, who spotted heron YouTube. But at 16, she disappeared from the industry to focus on honing her craft. The time out of the spotlight allowed her to find her feet independently and to begin flourishing as a songwriter and producer.

‘Muse’- and what’s still to come from MCK in 2020-sees the talented New Zealand singer, songwriter and producer, solidify her place on the local scene

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