Lontalius (Eddie Johnston) teams up with his longtime collaborators Phoebe Gittins & Arty Papageorgiou, to create a deceptively simple music video for his heartfelt track ‘Someone Will Be There For You.’

Lontalius – Someone Will Be There For You (Official Video)

The idea came directly from a line in the song “Spend an evening lying on the floor”. The song is about those nights (and sometimes mornings) that you spend just lying around feeling defeated by the world, waiting for something to happen. We obviously took that idea literally and they had me lie on the floor in different sections of Arty’s house,” Lontalius said.

“The video is a very literal interpretation of the song but also a very honest one. It’s about someone going through the motions of a regular day, but in their mind they never got up off the floor. The simple shots and gentle pace are designed around that desire to create a safe space for ones self. Eddie speaks from experience directly to the viewer, and while the video shows him in that place of almost-giving-up, his performance is sincerely reassuring, and his message … surprisingly hopefully,” say Phoebe and Arty.

“The beautiful thing about working with Eddie is that his work speaks so strongly for itself. He knows what he wants to say and he conveys that with such genuine emotion. We aim to lean on Eddie’s abilities and try to stick with simplistic video concepts. We used an Arri D-21 to film ‘Someone Will be There for You’, we love the look it gives and hope it pairs nicely with the emotionally drained yet hopeful feeling we get from this song.”

“I’m really happy with how it turned out,” Lontalius said.

“It retains that melancholy feeling of the song but I think there is a sense of optimism too, that maybe someone or something will come and flip your world around.”

‘Someone Will Be There For You’ is out now on streaming services via Kartel Music Group. It is the first single from Lontalius’ third record of the same name. Side A will be out later this year, and Side B and the vinyl will be out in 2021.

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