Review by Samantha Davies
Photography by Chontalle Musson

After announcing her debut album “Hey u x” earlier this week, Benee kicked off her first of two sold out shows at Spark Arena on Friday night with Tom Verberne and Muroki as support. The rising global star brought back some life in those music lovers who struggled through the lockdowns and restrictions.

Tom Verberne set the tone for the night with chilled tunes, creating an atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of.

Muroki was next on stage, opening with his song ‘Basking Blues’ which instantly had the crowd moving. This was a performance you would be unlucky to miss. Muroki played bop after bop as the arena started to fill up with fans who had missed the concert scene, myself included, gaining an eruption of cheers as he shouted out “We’re at the biggest gig in the world right now!”

It wasn’t long before the lights dimmed and as expected, screams filled Spark Arena. An audience made up of all ages piled together, anticipation thick in the air. Benee took the stage, opening with an impressive performance of ‘Tough Guy.’

Benees stage presence is like no other, her down to earth personality and quirky dance moves make her a pleasure to watch on stage, not to mention the arsenal of hit songs she supplied. Her energy is infectious. Ending each song with a chorus of “thank you very much” to the adoring audience, Benee moved on to sing her new song ‘All the Time’, featuring Muroki who took the stage once again. We were lucky enough to get a taste of Benees upcoming album as she played several new songs, including a DnB tune, something I didn’t quite expect from the indie-pop artist; it was a pleasant surprise.

Fun visuals, a live band, unconventional dance moves, and songs you can’t help but move along to are all in the equation for a perfect night at Spark Arena, and Benee delivered, capturing the hearts of hundreds in the process. Playing hit songs such as, ‘Soaked’, ‘Glitter’, and of course the Tik Tok famous tune ‘Supalonely’ kept the crowd on their feet.

The night came to an end with a final performance of ‘Snail’, where Benee and her adoring fans gave all their energy, making the most of this time we had all longed for. Benees growth as an artist over the last few months has been an enjoyment to watch, the Auckland star will without a doubt make it far- I’m excited to see where she goes.



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