Since the late ’70s, punk rock, youth and politics have gone hand in hand. The Sex Pistols hammered out a defiant ‘Anarchy In The UK’ as they cruised past the Houses Of Parliament in 1977. In 2020, Sit Down In Front’s Cory Newman, who has been described as “Magically capturing the essence of a young Johnny Rotten” (Ambient Light) snarls “Don’t Push The Button” as the threat of nuclear conflict continues.

Official Video

In their latest video ‘Don’t Push The Button’ Sit Down In Front performs in the Oval Office while “Donald Trump” is having a freak out. He has childishly locked himself in and is playing with his toys which includes playing with the idea of pushing the button (for a nuke) as only he would. Surrounded by Oval Office memorabilia with former presidents of the United States looking on, the video is a visual of the political instability and deepening insecurity that is being felt around the world right now.

Designed from a current picture of the Oval Office, the set, housed in a warehouse at Gisborne wharf took three weeks to build (and a week to pack down).

Thanks to NZ On Air.

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