Lontalius shares Side One of new album
‘Someone Will Be There For You’

Lontalius shares the first half of his self-produced third LP Someone Will Be There For You, recorded at Stebbings Recording Centre studio 4 this year. After working with a broad array of respected producers in the US for five years, Lontalius (real name Eddie Johnston) brings home all he’s learned and poured it into a collection of deeply personal and heart-meltingly beautiful songs.

“It’s probably the most intimate my music has ever been, with a real focus on acoustic instruments and natural production,” Lontalius says. “‘You Make The Rules’ even features a voice recording of birds outside my window during lockdown.”

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“It’s definitely the lighter, more subdued side of the record, which is why it made sense to release it separately. The songs are inspired by the feelings of being in your early 20s, moving away from home, missing home, experiencing different kinds of love, wondering if you’re on the right path at all… “

“I’m really happy with how it turned out. There are a few songs on here that aren’t really the kinds of songs I thought I could write. ‘I’m Good’ is a bit more sarcastic and bitter than I’ve ever written before. ‘Someone Will Be There For You’ is probably the most open and confident song I’ve ever written. The process of writing them, mostly in my childhood bedroom after returning from LA, was invigorating and really inspiring. I tried to let go of many things that can cloud music making these days, like spending too much time on production and perfection, to just put pen to paper, emotions into melodies.”

Side One of Someone Will Be There For You is out today via Kartel Music Group. Side Two and the vinyl release of the full record are set for release in the first half of 2021.

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