Review and Photography by Melany Barrington

The sky was lit up in Poneke between five acts and 32,000 people in attendance for the fifth show of Six60 Saturdays Tour. Between Six60, their handpicked lineup and the capital, the largest show in the world took place. With energy radiating from the supporting acts, this Poneke experience included AACACIA, JessB, Sir Dave Dobbyn and Drax Project to make the show unique and personalised.

As each act shared their art with the audience the evening painted a sunkissed glow around the stadium before saturating the roofless venue with a clear night sky full of stars. The atmosphere matched the sky as the night got darker and the crowd raised their phone torches connecting with the beaming lights and visuals pouring on stage. Every performer expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to share live music experiences again, whilst the world is silent and overcoming what we are yet to overcome again. This experience brings hope towards the future.

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Dave Dobbyn

Drax Project


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