IPSY makes his mark with a reflective debut EP capturing the ups and downs of 2020

After establishing a name for himself as a ‘talent to watch’ in New Zealand’s flourishing music scene, artist and producer IPSY today makes it official with the release of his highly-anticipated debut EP, WHO ARE YOU NOW?


Hailing from Masterton, and now based in Auckland having returned from LA due to COVID, IPSY takes the listener on a track-by-track journey through the past year, all the while defying the trappings of being boxed into one genre.

“I had been working on this all through 2020 and each song represents different stages of life I was in during that year, and how I was feeling throughout those stages,” he explains.

“My first two songs were written while I was still in LA, separated from a person who meant a lot to me. This inspired a lot of love songs and sort of ‘I miss you’ type songs. The last three were written when I got home.”

IPSY adds that he felt glad to be back in the normality and safety of New Zealand during such a time of turmoil in the US. “I think this showed in the songs as they are much more introspective and focused on feelings of confidence and security.”

Showing IPSY’s progression not only as an artist but also as a person, WHO ARE YOU NOW? contains the new single ‘my style’, which is all about “becoming too confident and comfortable in a relationship to the point where you think nothing could go wrong and the person you’re in it with will stick around regardless of how little effort you put in or what you do.”

‘my style’ visualiser

It sits alongside the tracks ‘Demons’, ‘Divine (Redeye)’, ‘Pure’ and ‘Tribute To Selfishness’. Please see attached track-by-track written by IPSY, breaking down each song on the EP.

After biding his time in the Soundcloud arena as a strictly electronic/instrumental music creator, IPSY has diversified and combined many aspects of R&B and pop with a heavy electronic foundation to create his own unique, genre-bending style – as demonstrated on WHO ARE YOU NOW?

The record opens the way for more music set for release later in the year!

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