We caught up with LAIIKA before their nationwide tour, don’t miss out on their shows!

Hi ladies, so excited for your up coming tour with Georgia!

Q: Speaking of tour, what venue and/or show has been the highlight of your career as a duo so far, and why?

The show that was the most fun to play for us was probably RNV. It was such an awesome atmosphere and a brilliant stage set up too.

Q: What inspires you to create music?

We’re inspired by everything in our lives. Making music is something we’ve both done since the day we were born so it’s like a second language for us and we write about anything that makes us emotional or is difficult or exciting.

Q: What’s the creative process like for your music?

We write and produce songs together, but it’s very rare that we actually come up with an idea from scratch in the room together. We usually start a song on our own and then take it to the other and work on it collaboratively from there.

Q: What New Zealand artist excites you at the moment and you would want to work with or already worked with?

We know Deryk well and we think she’s killing it!! Unfortunately we’ve never actually collaborated, but maybe in the future ..

Q: If you could change anything about the music industry what would it be?

Making collaboration in the NZ music industry more common! It has actually become a lot more common recently which is great to see, but in general we think kiwis tend to want to do stuff on their own a lot and that can be creatively limiting.

Q: How would you self identify the genre or style of your music?

It’s hard to identify our genre or style.. the only thing we know is it’s definitely Pop!

Q: What kind of role has music played in your life?

Music has played such a big role in both of our lives. It’s something we both turn to when we need to escape our normal lives and it’s a great outlet that allows us to let out our anger or sadness when we need to. We both grew up in very musical families so it’s very much a part of our identities, it’s sort of our way of life.

Q: Do you have anything upcoming that is really exciting you with your music?

Our tour with Georgia Lines! We’re going to play shows in Tauranga Wellington and Auckland at the end of the month which is super exciting.

Q: How do you know when the creative process is complete when songwriting/creating a new song?

You feel like everything has been said in the clearest most honest way and every component is sonically cohesive.

Q: Lastly, what’s the best advice you have been given around creating music and performing?

Never change for anyone and stay true to your own artistic vision! That doesn’t mean don’t take constructive criticism, It’s just about learning to tell the difference.

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