“Fragile and vulnerable, his levels of self-awareness are matched by meticulous melodic instincts. Truly one of our best young songsmiths, I can’t wait to hear the rest.” Alex Behan, Sunday Magazine

Musical wunderkind Lontalius has spent much of the last year locked away at the iconic Stebbings Recording Centre in Auckland, writing and refining the music that would become his third full-length album Someone Will Be There For You, out today.

‘Someone’ is the first album that has been fully self-produced by Lontalius, drawing on all he learned from his time and collaborations in Los Angeles to create an album that’s beautiful in its simplicity.

When Side One was released in late 2020, The Listener music writer Graham Reid called it “…more of his elegant, exquisitely understated bedroom-folk-cum-electropop”. Side Two continues the trend, with the addition of five emotive tracks.

“I’m really excited for this album to come out in full,” says Lontalius.


“The product of coming home from LA and growing up a little, it feels like a turning point of sorts.

“Giving in to simple songwriting and production – honing in on the things that drew me to make music in the first place; emotion, intimacy and the warm feeling of a song that speaks to you, a feeling that can’t be replicated anywhere else.”

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