It’s that time of year again folks, after a year off (because of a certain global pandemic…) the New Zealand International Comedy Festival is back! Thankfully so, as I think we all need a laugh (due to said… global pandemic…) And I am excited to be back in action for this fest.

It was with this excitement that I ventured to The Classic studio, to see Sera Devcich (known for her appearances on Seven Days and The Project) and her latest show, General Admission, a comedy confession booth, which was a show that highlighted one of the cores of stand-up comedy, raw truths spoken in an intimate setting.

If I had to describe this show with two words, they would be “brutally honest.” The show is a mixture of experiences and observations, discussing parenthood, family, relationships, and feminism. Her style and content were a great combination of blunt, sincere and relatable.

Her performance was calm and playful, which wonderfully juxtaposed the occasional dark sentiment. I enjoyed her ability to get the audience involved, adding to the intimacy, but also making it feel like we were witnessing a unique event, which is where stand up is at its best.

Sera Devcich is an engaging performer, who is equal parts brutal and affable, and General Admission is proof that sometimes all a comic needs is a microphone a stage and a razor sharp wit. I would recommend General Admission to anyone who enjoys comedy that is candid and relatable, with an element of darkness.


What: General Admission

Who: Sera Devcich


When:  6:30 PM 4 – 8 May

Where: The Classic Studio


When: 7:00PM 11 – 15 May

Where: BATS Theatre – The Dome

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