On Thursday I made my way to Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen, to see Twins, featuring Liv McKenzie and Ed Amon. These are comics coming off the back of a fantastic Comedy Fest 2019, McKenzie claiming best new comer, and Amon featuring in the successful My Country.

As I entered the Velvet Room, I sensed the buzzing of the crowd, being lulled by somber indie music, creating a chilled out vibe. You could sense the anticipation in the crowd. They wanted to be entertained, and both acts delivered mightily.

The show began with banter at the top, McKenzie and Amon laying down the concept of the show, that they were close despite being very different people with very different perspectives and experiences. You could really feel a sense of familiarity, as they played off each other so well, with some excellent back and forth, and the occasional good-natured jab.

Amon was the first to perform a set, describing his life as a Pakistani Muslim immigrant. His material discussed his conservative parents, his religious upbringing and experiences of making New Zealand his home. His delivery was very dry and facetious, finding humour in dark concepts such as racism, homophobia and fundamentalism, delivered with his wonderfully affable nature. Amon is fantastic at pulling you in, and surprising you with a hilariously glib remark.

McKenzie was second, her material more anecdotal in nature, relaying her recent experiences with the awkwardness of lockdown, and a candid look into living the single life. McKenzie is a very compelling and charismatic performer, fully in control of her powers, garnering laughs with a relatable observation, whimsical tangent or an engaging story. With performances like these, there’s little wonder why she is often described as “one to watch.”

Twins was an entertaining and varied hour of comedy. The quality of these two comics is worth the ticket price alone, combined with a strong concept that we can find familiarity in those who are different, which I think is a pretty good message to take home.


What: Twins

Who: Ed Amon & Liv McKenzie

When: 8:45PM 4 – 8 May

Where: Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen

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