It was late on Friday when I entered the Loft at Q Theatre to watch This Will Be Tested, a double bill featuring two of Auckland’s freshest up and comers, Chester Jerrat (Finalist of TVNZ’s New Blood) and Sarah Hughes (Winner of the 2019 Raw Comedy Quest).

The show began with Jerrat and Hughes introducing themselves to the audience, engaging in banter and chatting with members of the audience. In theme with the show they asked questions about performance in school, managing to gather interesting stories from audience members, coming back with a handy quip. Their back and forth was seamless, creating a sort of tennis match of gags, which I found highly entertaining.

Jerrat was the first to perform a set, performing with his fresh youthful perspective. He mused on some of his more ridiculous experiences in student living, and during his childhood. He has a particular knack for spotting inconsistencies and nit picking them to their extremes.

Hughes was second to perform, and displayed her ability to breakdown interesting information and deliver it in an entertaining format. In this she explored her own biblical namesake, and deconstructing bible stories in the modern context. She combined this with stories from high school and being a millennial adult, which were incredibly relatable and engaging. She is a performer that revels in her own embarrassment, in a way that is wonderfully honest and charming.

This Will Be Tested was a very entertaining hour of comedy with an interesting variety of perspectives. Both Chester Jerrat and Sarah Hughes are up and comers to keep an eye on for the future.


What: This Will Be Tested

Who: Chester Jerrat & Sarah Hughes

When: 10:30PM 7 – 8 May

Where: Q Theatre, Loft

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