Here we are at second week of comedy fest, fully satiated with variety of comedy I caught week 1, I ventured to my first outing of week 2, Bec Sandys’ latest show, Happy Cabbage.

Happy Cabbage is a series of stories of Sandys’ life, highlighting the more bizarre moments. In this she explores drug use, small town life in Ashburton, and the variety of bogans. Combining relevant observations, one liners and anecdotes. The show mines nostalgia for the 80s and 90s, a now bygone era, which feels recent and yet some aspects seem alien to the modern day.

Sandys’ is a fantastic story teller, skillfully mining her life for humour, managing to weave in a fitting quip or comment on popular culture. In Happy Cabbage she is wonderfully open about her experiences, reminiscing about the fun times, and more questionable times in her life. Her stories were vivid, almost as if she was curating a museum of her life.

Happy Cabbage is a highly engaging show, that highlights Bec Sandys’ sublime ability to tell stories, this show almost serves as a personal time capsule for the 80s/90s, and is an entertaining ride. Recommended for fans of candid comedy, story telling, and I think you’ll get an extra kick out of it if you come from a small town. (Particularly in rural New Zealand)


What: Happy Cabbage

Who: Bec Sandys

When: 8:45PM 11 – 15 May

Where: Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen

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