Just after tea time on a Wednesday evening, I sauntered up the steps to the Basement Studio, to allow Ray Shipley and Emma Cusdin to whisk me back to Brunch.

In Brunch, Shipley and Cusdin try and piece together a pilot for a breakfast TV show, an endeavour which slowly goes array, a process which is an absolute delight to watch. This is performed via sketch, parody and interesting metaphors.

Both Shipley and Cusdin have an awkward charm to them, that makes them play so well off of each other, the banter performed seamlessly. The script was also fantastically self aware, providing excellent parody of the morning show format, and aptly lamp shading when their pilot goes wrong.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed was the cheesy smiles they wore after every “ad break” and watching the facades slowly slip away as things went further and further south. Also their use of Lovely Day by Bill Withers as their theme song, a song that I sporadically got stuck in my head throughout the early to mid 2000s. (But that’s just a bit about me)

In a festival chocked full of stand up and Improv it is pretty refreshing to see some theatre. Brunch is a wonderfully light hearted mixture of theatre and comedy that leaves you wondering friendship or breakfast.


What: Brunch

Who: Ray Shipley and Emma Cusdin

When: 7PM 11 – 15 May

Where: Basement Studio

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