Further into the evening I made my to The Classic Studio to see Australian comic Laura Davis, in her show If This Is It, a wonderful meta analysis of the purpose of comedy and art during a global pandemic.

In this Davis explored her comedic origins in Australia, her travels to perform in London and Edinburgh, and how she ended up in New Zealand after Covid hit. She also examined the more ‘apocalyptic’ aspects of the world, and mused of a series of entertaining hypotheticals, theories.= and observations.

She also provided spot on commentary on world politics, and the current state of stand up comedy. (and expectations on comedians) Her performance was at time brash and tenacious, and at times vulnerable, her delivery was at times poetic. She was excellent at using tone and her imaginative wit to make a point and, or just plain make people laugh.

If This Is It is a highly entertaining and thought provoking hour of comedy and feels like a complete work of art. Davis has the goods in the jokes department, bringing the audience in and keeping them for the journey and messages of the piece. Recommended for fans of longer form and thought provoking comedy.


What: If This Is It

Who: Laura Davis

When: 8:15PM 11 – 15 May

Where: Classic Studio

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