Late in the evening I made my way up top The Classic Studio to watch End Of Daze, a wonderfully heartfelt and vulnerable hour of stand up comedy performed by Lolsy Byrne.

She began the show by describing the events that led her to be in New Zealand, having come over a year prior to perform this show, before plans changed due to the global pandemic.

In this show Byrne relives her childhood as a creative only child, and how sci fi led to anxieties over the end of the world compounding in 2012 when the world was supposed to end. She detailed her own disaster filled 2012, relating them to similar disasters in her life.

Byrne performs with her heart on her sleeve, with a refreshing openness and vulnerability, which combined with her chipper and playful nature makes her instantly likeable, making it easier to empathize and sympathize with her plights, both light and dark.

End Of Daze is an emotional rollercoaster, containing both mirth and tragedy. Lolsy Byrne takes us on a curated tour of her life leading us to laugh with her for the highs and lament with her for the lows. Recommended for fans of tragedy in comedy.


What: End Of Daze

Who: Lolsy Byrne

When: 8:15PM 11 – 15 May

Where: Classic Studio

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