It was a crisp Tuesday evening when I walked up the stairs into the Q Theatre Rangatira to witness The Great Comedy Debate.

It has to be mentioned this show was funny for both myself and my grandma and she had just as much fun as my twenty-year-old self did, giving it multi generational appeal. It was a truly one size fits all comedy show.

The topic for the debate was “Technology will save us.” There were 2 teams, in the affirmative Joseph Moore, Hayley Sproull, and Jermaine Ross. On the negative team was Guy Williams, Alice Canton, and Laura Daniel. Te Radar was the moderator for the night.

The affirmative team was arguing that technology would save us. They started off strong with team captain Joseph Moore (half of Two Hearts) spinning hilarious yarns around the invention of the wheel, detailing how much technology has, and would save us.

Hayley Sproull came with an relatable tale of why we are all waiting for our parents/boomers to die. While this may have been daunting for a majority of the audience(who were boomers). She still managed to get even the toughest section of the crowd to agree with the waiting game.

They ended with possibly the best argument from Jermain Ross. He argued that technology would save us from discrediting the other side of the argument, showing proof that they were at the bombing of the rainbow warrior, and on the wrong side of the police riot.

Team led by Comedy’s favorite Montgomery. Montgomery bringing out inspirational tales of outdated times where technology failed to save us, such as during the titanic. During his rebuttal he masterly created come backs for each argument. In particular Ross, quipping that Ross had taken screenshots from some of his fondest memories.

Next to come up was Snorts’ -Alice Canton starting off nervously. By the end of the argument she had me considering the unthinkable, concluding that we shouldn’t bother with technology, as we don’t deserve to be saved. Ultimately spreading a message of voluntary euthanasia for all.

The Negative team ended with Laura Daniels, (the other half of Two Hearts) who stormed into the stage with an hilarious melody about why technology is bad because of sex robots, and ultimately that we shouldn’t f#ck robots.

The night was sponsored by Lane Neave who advocated for audience interaction, providing paddles saying objection and concur. The night was skillfully rapped under the careful eye of Te Radar who skillfully commentated on proceedings, working off what each respective comedian said.

The Great Comedy Debate was a hilarious and informative hour of comedy. Each participant talented in their own right, wonderfully highlighting what they do best in as comedians. Definitely a show to catch should it come to the fest next year.

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