On a crisp Thursday night I went to the Basement studio, to see the opening night of Glamourpuss, an insight into a living with mental illness. The latest show from the much talked about ‘up and comer’ Ruby Esther.

She started with what I would call the most confident introduction. Esther introduces herself as incredibly talented, which when you watch the show you will agree to be an interesting opening gambit, although admittedly quite a confident way to start a set, but the façade is down within minutes, revealing a truer representation of an anxious young woman, leaving the audience feeling safe and laughing within minutes.

Ruby doesn’t stray from talking about the challenging subjects. Her material includes skillfully crafted punchlines, which are framed within her own personal experiences, and often a witty take on those darker subjects. The result usually being a sigh of relief and a massive laugh from the audience.

Highlights from this show include two amazing songs that are guaranteed earworms that I found myself singing the next morning, and even as I am writing this review. She talked about a range of subjects, such as being misidentified as a boy in intermediate, passing her university degrees, and life as a young woman in comedy.

Glamourpuss is a pleasantly varied show, Esther uses a mix of stories and straight up gags, which wonderfully fluctuates between tone, so you never know if the next joke is a quick one-liner or a polished story. Esther was able to squeeze laughs out of even the toughest audience member, whether it be with her jokes, a quick anxious laugh, or reactive expression of anxiety.

Ruby and her ukulele is taking the New Zealand comedy scene by storm, catch Glamourpuss quickly before you miss out.


What: Glamourpuss

Who: Ruby Esther

When: 10:30PM 20 – 22 May

Where: Basement Studio

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